When it comes to raw bacon and gammon, we've got it covered. DTF currently supplies products to all areas of the UK retail, foodservice and wholesale markets and has become a leader in product quality and diversity. Our extensive and varied customer base requires varying product specifications, raw material provenance, varying cuts, traditional smokes and cures - packed in various packaging formats; standard and premium.

The Direct Table product range consists of the following: -

  • Back, middle and streaky bacon

  • Catch weight quarter, half and whole gammon joints

  • Fixed weight gammon joints

  • Horseshoe and gammon steaks

  • Bacon lardons & pigs in blankets

  • Smoked & unsmoked

  • Dry cured, wet cured and reduced salt

We use varying raw material depending on customer requirements: -

  • British Red Tractor

  • RSPCA Freedom Foods

  • Organic

  • Danish

  • EU

If it's Bacon or Gammon – we can accommodate all requirements!


Product Range