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About Us


Bacon Manufacturing Line

Our state of the art 135,000 sq.ft. purpose built factory has been designed to produce rashers, joints and steaks; using the latest pork curing, control, slicing and packaging technologies - producing in excess of 1000 tonnes per week. Because our factory is purpose built, we have been able to incorporate the latest technology in energy and water efficiencies, using highly energy efficient refrigeration technology to recycle heat from our compressors. A highly invested bacon and gammon processing plant in the heart of rural Suffolk.

  • Dry and wet curing

  • Traditional wood smoking

  • Bacon slicing & packing

  • Gammon jointing & packing

  • Packing in map, vacuum & vacuum shrink skin packaging

  • 2500 Pallet deep chilled storage

  • Employing 500+ staff

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